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Studio E Heyworth, IL

Studio E Heyworth, IL

time 10:00 am

May 13, 2017

April 22 & 29 • May 6 & 13
Time: 10am – 12pm
Place: Heyworth Christian Church (308 N Vine St. Heyworth IL 61745)
Admission: Free, a limited amount of space available.

This Studio E session is offered to adults and kids with epilepsy. Epilepsy Foundation of Greater Chicago Central IL is excited to bring individuals with epilepsy the opportunity to express themselves through art as a part of Studio E, and epilepsy art therapy program. They will work with art therapists and other people with epilepsy in a group setting to strengthen their artistic voice in a safe, welcoming environment. The artwork created will help raise awareness about epilepsy.

To sign up for Studio E, please contact Kimberly Janssen at 260.580.6817 or

For more information, please visit