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Community Action Boards

Community Action Boards

It’s time to do something about epilepsy in your community and we need your help!

Community Action Boards are the first line of contact for many of the communities we serve. Whether it’s establishing program opportunities, planning event initiatives, or discovering new fundraising opportunities, these powerful action boards build lasting relationships throughout Illinois, and help the Foundation realize its goal of creating a seizure free world.

We currently have two CAB groups in the Northwest and West suburbs. CABs are composed of volunteers who live in specific geographic areas that meet monthly to determine what activities and programs they would like to see in their community. Working with the Foundation, CABs brings these programs to life to serve their community. Their purpose is to raise awareness, provide support, and bring education and services to the surrounding communities. We would love to get additional CAB groups set up in the Chicago suburbs if these are not near you. Let us know if you would have any interest in starting something like this or would like to get involved in one of our existing groups.

Contact Kelly at for more information or if you would like to get involved.