Director of Clinical Outreach

Debbie Flader has been employed at the Epilepsy Foundation of Greater Chicago for twelve years as Outreach Clinic Coordinator where she facilitates an epilepsy clinic for the underserved and assists people with access to care and advocacy issues. Debbie also provides mentoring based on her personal experience to other parents of children and adults with epilepsy.

Debbie began her journey as an epilepsy advocate shortly after her eight-year old daughter; Noel had her first seizure twenty-three years ago. When all treatment options failed to control the daily seizures, Debbie collaborated with two other moms to create Advocates for Epilepsy, a grassroots effort to increase federal spending for epilepsy research.

As this grassroots effort grew, Debbie co-founded CURE, Citizens United for Research in Epilepsy, which privately raises money and has funded more that 20 million dollars in cutting edge research since 1998.

Debbie has presented testimony before the US Congress on two occasions, stressing the importance of government funding for epilepsy.