Associate Board

The mission of Associate Board is to engage, empower, and inspire young professionals to participate in philanthropic and leadership endeavors, develop the next generation of philanthropists, and build awareness of Epilepsy Foundation of Greater Chicago in the Chicagoland area.

The Associate Board is a networking group of philanthropic professionals with a collective goal to attract members to raise resources, broaden the volunteer base, and enhance awareness of the Epilepsy Foundation of Greater Chicago while developing leadership skills and cultivating relationships with young professionals in Chicago.

  • Jason Wendt (President)
  • Benjamin Liener (Vice President)
  • Katy Magee (Secretary)
  • Suzanne Kozlowski (Executive Member)
  • Meghan Bagley
  • Mackensie Balcirak
  • Lizzie Baunach
  • Shawn Blond
  • Amy Ferrule
  • Rose Flanigan
  • Connor Fox
  • Perri Gordon
  • Patrick Green
  • Natasha Irani
  • Julia Kissel
  • Anne Marie Kuhney
  • Emma Radley
  • Brittany Roydhouse
  • Jason Vicari
  • Elise Wendt
  • Ellen Wray

Membership Expectations:

  • Fulfill a minimum give-get of $1,000 through donations, event ticket sales, corporate sponsorships, in-kind donations, beneficiary events, appeals campaigns, etc.
  • Attend a minimum of 75% of meetings
  • Volunteer with the Epilepsy Foundation of Greater Chicago at two client events
  • Facilitate with corporate asks to host the Epilepsy Foundation of Greater Chicago’s Seizure First Aid Training
  • Attend Epilepsy Foundation of Greater Chicago events including Gala, Golf Outing, 5K events, Consumer Conference, Spanish Consumer Conference, and Advocacy Day
  • Connect with all Epilepsy Foundation of Greater Chicago’s social media outlets
  • Complete a Seizure First Aid Training
  • Contribute to the creation, implementation, and success of the Associate Board (i.e. join a committee, create a Facebook fundraisers, organize a small fundraiser, etc.)
  • Financial contribution to the Annual Appeal

Click here to submit an Associate Board Application. For more information, contact Eric Alvarez at