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Case Management Program

A person living with the challenges of epilepsy should never feel as though they have no where to turn. The Case Management Program provides adults and children living with epilepsy access to professional assistance that will enhance their ability to cope with issues related to their medical condition and improve their quality of life.

The individual clinical services offered are structured to address specific issues faced by people with epilepsy and to facilitate appropriate linkage to necessary services and benefits. By participating in this case management program, clients can develop the knowledge and skills necessary to handle common challenges such as isolation, medication compliance, navigating public benefits, difficulties with the school system; and employee discrimination.

Through Case Management, our professional staff are able to reach out and assure that anyone struggling with epilepsy in the Foundation’s 44 county service area is not alone.

Case Management Includes:

  • Guidance
  • Reassurance
  • Understanding
  • Support


The Education Team uses classroom lectures and events to teach groups, schools and communities about epilepsy and seizure response.