Learning that your child has epilepsy is a moment that a parent will never forget. Trying to understand the complexity and consequences of the disorder can leave parents feeling powerless and afraid as they struggle to effectively care for their child. ParentLink is designed to help parents through this difficult process.

ParentLink enables its participants to make a smooth transition into their child’s epilepsy diagnosis. Through informational sessions with case managers and medical experts, parents will be properly educated on common challenges associated with epilepsy as well as the best means of communication with their child’s extended family, heath care team, school, and other community supports. The sessions will give parents the peace of mind that stems from the knowledge and acceptance of what it means to have a child with epilepsy.

Topics Covered in ParentLink Sessions:

  • Seizure Types
  • Seizure Recognition & First Aid
  • Doctor/Patient Relationship
  • Medications and Other Treatments
  • School Advocacy
  • Sibling Issues
    Family Impact

For more information about ParentLink, please contact Ayesha at 312-939-8622 ext 224 or