When to Call for an Ambulance

No Need to Call an Ambulance if —

  • medical I.D. jewelry or card says “epilepsy,” and
  • the seizure ends in under five minutes, and
  • consciousness returns without further incident, and
  • there are no signs of injury, physical distress, or pregnancy.

An Ambulance Should Be Called if —

  • the seizure has happened in water.
  • there’s no medical I.D., and no way of knowing whether the seizure is caused by epilepsy.
  • the person is pregnant, injured, or diabetic.
  • the seizure continues for more than five minutes.
  • a second seizure starts shortly after the first has ended.
  • consciousness does not start to return after the shaking has stopped.

If the ambulance arrives after consciousness has returned, the person should be asked whether the seizure was associated with epilepsy and whether emergency room care is wanted.