Alicia T. Vega

Alicia brings over two decades of nonprofit and government executive leadership experience, including child welfare, coordination of medical models, community engagement, and the arts. She specializes in interim leadership as a graduate of the Interim Executives Academy of Third Sector Company. She is also a member of Intentional Interim Executive Director Services, and holds a certificate in Leading for DEI from the Baumhart Center for Social Enterprise and Responsibility.

Most recently, Alicia led a project for the Chicago Mayor’s Office of People with Disabilities and the Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events that engaged the perspective of the people living with disabilities. These efforts resulted in more informed arts program delivery and accessibility.

Alicia was named one of Chicago’s Top Latina Leaders in Philanthropy from Make it Better and inducted into the Chicago LGBT Hall of Fame. She serves on several advisory boards, including the Forefront Mission Sustainability Initiative and Leadership Greater Chicago Fellows Association.

Five Interesting Facts About Alicia

Favorite movie

Favorite thing to do in Chicago
Go to concerts, especially to listen to 80s and 90s music

Famous person you would most like to meet
I wish I could have met Frida Kahlo

First job
McDonalds! Became manager and almost went to Hamburger University

Advice that you would give to your teenage self
Try out Hamburger University. It could lead to big things!

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