Epilepsy Centers

The Epilepsy Foundation of Greater Chicago does not want you to settle for continued seizures. There are times when people with epilepsy become complacent and tolerate seizures as a part of life. Thirty percent of those diagnosed with epilepsy have difficult to control seizures and might benefit from next level epilepsy care.

When seizures are difficult to diagnose, if you don’t know what type of seizures you have, or if your seizures are difficult to control and you continue to have seizures then we recommend seeking more specialized care.

Epilepsy centers provide a team approach to caring for people with seizures and epilepsy. Epilepsy experts can help people explore all treatment options.

The goal is to get the best seizure control possible.

Treatments may include medicationssurgerydevices, and dietary therapy. Newer approaches and research trials are also available at many centers.


Do you have questions about epilepsy related services that are available? We can provide support via case management, support groups, psychotherapy support and help in obtaining low cost medication. We can meet in person or virtually to help answer questions relating to seizures. Contact Anastasia McCargo at for additional information.

Epilepsy Centers' Contact Information

Epilepsy Centers' Contact Information


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