For Adults

In order to be a participant in our programs here at EFGC, you must be registered as a client with us. This includes connecting with a case manager and completing a short intake over the phone.

Studio E: The Epilepsy Art Program

Studio E is currently on hold due to safety concerns over the COVID-19 pandemic. When we are able to meet in-person, we will schedule a full season of events. For more information contact Karli Paggeot at

Studio E is proudly supported by a donation in memory of Sally Ruark.

Sally Ruark (1932-2017). Sally was a life-long painter and sculptor. She loved art and always believed in the power of art to help bring joy and wonder.


Over half of people with seizures experience memory problems and feel that seizures interfere with memory. The HOBSCOTCH program is designed to help find ways to manage and cope with memory problems in order to lead a happier, more productive life. The program uses Problem Solving Treatment and Memory Strategies which will help identify memory-related problems in your own daily life and find solutions to manage these problems.

Participants of HOBSCOTCH will learn:

  • Skills to improve memory
  • Skills to compensate for memory problems in everyday life
  • How participating in physical and pleasant activities can reduce stress and improve a person’s memory and mood

Participants of HOBSCOTCH will receive:

  • Eight sessions, in-person or over the phone, with a HOBSCOTCH certified Memory Coach
  • HOBSCOTCH Workbook
  • Memory Tool Box
  • Day Planner & Seizure Diary

Make Sure You Are Eligible:

  • Be 18 years of age or older
  • Be able to read and write in English with an IQ  > 70
  • Have access to a phone for weekly sessions
  • Be able to commit to 8 sessions including 2 sessions in person or virtual

A Memory Coach will guide you through the program, giving you encouragement and support…but the ideas, solutions, and actions come from YOU!

For more information and to sign up, contact Agatha Demarchi at